Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients and How They Feel About Themselves.

Mitigate the Effects of Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss.

The Latest In Cold Cap Technology From Arctic Cold Caps Is Now Available!

Our treatments have been conducted at the following facilities...and many more!

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Welkins TRS-2 Cooling System

Innovation in Cold Cap Therapy...The Only Portable Cold Cap System

In collaboration with expert engineers who built the life support systems for NASA astronauts, Arctic Cold Caps have developed one of the most successful cold cap treatments to help cancer patients reduce chemotherapy induced hair loss.

Dedicated to improving chemotherapy patient’s quality of life and how they look and feel about themselves. We developed the perfect solution to prevent chemo-induced hair loss. We launched our 8-cap system 5 years ago. In 2020, in collaboration with a team of engineers who build life support systems for NASA, we developed a more refined system that offers the most efficient and effective way to provide cold cap therapy for your chemo patients wherever they are.

Professional Capping Treatments


  • Our easily adjustable, one-size-fits-most cooling cap is built for comfort from ‘liquid fabric’ that is designed to provide superior scalp coverage and cooling.
  • The flexible 6’ umbilical allows for the circulation of non-toxic, anti-fungal, antibacterial water-glycol mix to provide constant cooling.
  • With its intuitive touchscreen control, the unit is easy to set and monitor and makes the adjustment of temperature and time a breeze.
  • The system is lightweight and portable for hospital, clinic, car, and home use.
  • The coolant temperature range is 32°F (0°C) to 59°F (15°C).
  •  The unit is 8.75” x 14.5” x 8.25” and weighs 12.0 lbs. (5.4 kg).

Arctic Cold Caps in Use

We have had success with thousands of cancer patients

Arctic Cold Cap Therapy has been used to provide more than 10,000 successful treatments which has provided us with a tremendous amount of knowledge. This knowledge is foundation of our new machine and has enabled us to produce a cold cap therapy that is more comfortable and more effective because it uses a single cap and retains a constant temperature.

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